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Biotechsis® is an anti-microbial textile manufactured with X-STATIC® silver fibre as the active agent.
Providing the ultimate anti-microbial fabric solution for healthcare markets.

Watch our informative video below to understand the technology used in our products:

Visual representation of the effectivness of Biotechsis fabric to eradicate MRSA contamination.

This unique system has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fibre that is woven into the fabric. This fibre system is used to prevent harmful bacteria from proliferating, mutating or being transmitted from the product.

The silver fibre retains traditional textile and tactile characteristics that can be used in standard garment manufacture. Biotechsis® provides visible protection and removes doubt: the silver fibre is clearly visible in the final product making it the only textile product guaranteed to actually have the active ingredient present. The anti-microbial agent is inherent in the fabric and active for the life of the product.

Biotechsis® is non-allergenic; X-STATIC® having no reported cases in twenty years.

Biotechsis® provides hygiene protection when in contact with the human skin. A self sanitising product that provides the foremost preventative textile barrier against cross-infection from localised environment.

Biotechsis Further Benefits

How it works

The properties of Biotechsis® fabrics signify a dramatic advancement in anti-microbial textile technology. Electron release of the silver works on an intra-cellular level, disrupting the DNA of micro-organisms on the fabric. It is able to neutralise odour – working in the same way as anti-microbial properties by binding with ammonia, denaturing proteins and killing the bacteria that produce odour.

Biotechsis® fabric posseses two additional properties which make it very comfortable to wear – Anti-static – able to dissipate static electricity.

Thermo dynamic – cools when warm, warms when cool.

Biotechsis - Key Characteristics

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